Mats Rauhala


I am a software engineer with experience in backend systems, including systems integration and website backends.


Functional programming

I write a lot of haskell in my free time. You can find my repositories with haskell code on github and darcshub. I have some open source contributions on projects such as xmonad and darcshub.

I have also some minor experience on other functional languages such as Clojure, Erlang and OCaml.

Systems integration

I have done systems integration work for multiple clients since working at Avoltus.

Website backends

I have worked with a mailing system (think of mailchimp but smaller scale), including backend, frontend and system administration. I have also done work on a search backend with a REST interface.


I have done some work with android. The task was to read messages from a rest interface and sms the notifications to clients.


  1. Kupittaa high school (2003-200x), the school specialized in IT and media.
  2. Turku university of applied sciences (2008-200x), changed schools to Turku university before finishing.
  3. Turku university (200x-200y)

Work experience

  1. TeliaSonera (200x). Done as a job exercise through our high school. The job lasted for about a week, during which time, our task was to research SMIL.
  2. Anders Inno (200x). Worked on and off for Anders Inno. Worked on the website for testamenttikeskus and lex ry.
  3. VekaTrans (200x). Done during a summer. The task was to handle the payrolls for a logistics company.
  4. Data Media Gazelle (200x-200y). Done as a part time job. Worked on a mass mailing website, mass sms sender, sysadmin and maintained old software.
  5. Avoltus Oy (2013-). Mostly worked on systems integration, but done some smaller tasks as well such as website backends and maintaining legacy software.

  1. github
  2. darcshub
  3. xmonad
  4. darcshub
  5. testamenttikeskus
  6. lex ry